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As an Architect or developer, your vision for your building projects are defined by detailed..


An Industrial Models are known as making of building structures of the Factory scale Models..


A Mechanical models or Working Models or Prototypes are the one which represent the exact shape..


An Interactive models deals with the process of ideas and design conversion into digital ways..

Why Choose Us
  • Our Business Strategy

    Our art of moving the business is based on our customer satisfaction policy, by assuring competitive and realistic prices to suit our clients’s budget, which always priced in the market. our quotes are free without obligations. Our motto are so contemporary that we use high quality products to finish in short time. Our professional hands drives the gears of our company that we are dare enough to challenge any kind of works in International market standards, also we are keen to supply our orders on time.

  • Our Mission

    Our model making team consists of both highly qualified model craftsman, as well as engineering and architectural experts, capable of consulting on the actual structures being modeled.

  • Our Vision

    Our motto are so contemporary that we use high quality products to finish in short time.


ANNAI LASER CUTTING is a Small Scale Industry that was established in by Mr.S.George Peter, who is the founder of our company.

For nearly 30 years, our company has established itself as the handmade model making pioneers in India. It leverages the focus and trust of the clients, on quality, precision to the detail and 100% satisfaction of the orders that are designed and crafted in-house.

We craft these models for industry leaders which are witnessed in our clients section.

The Merging of Two Decades
We have 'witnessed Three distinct decades of our company: The decades of the hand made craftsmanship, from 1980 to the late 2000's - and the modern technology which began from the early 2005's onwards.